Clients work with us for different reasons. Some choose us for our investment knowledge that comes from years of experience and extensive education. Others appreciate our attentiveness to their needs whenever they arise. Here are a few examples of why clients trust us as their wealth management partner, and of the solutions we have developed for them.


 I would like to thank Nathan and his team for guiding us through the investment planning process. His calm, no pressure, informed meetings gave us the assurance that he had our future interests at the forefront. The nature of Nathan is honesty and integrity and a person who fully puts you at ease when investing, because he will not let you invest until he is satisfied that you fully understand and are comfortable with your investment. 

Gary Z.


 We have been extremely satisfied working with Nathan & feel that he has our best interests at heart. What we love most about working with Nathan is his cheerful attitude & his deep-rooted passion for what he does. He understands the investment world and is continually thinking of new ways to make the most of our investments for us. He is excellent at presenting well-thought-out ideas & concepts on a level that we clearly understand. 

Elna E.
Edgar Farms


 We moved to IG wealth to have Nathan help me with our financial planning. Prior to my move, we felt that our investment manager was only going through the motions. It almost felt that we were bothering him when we asked questions.

Our experience with Nathan has been incredible. Not only is he totally dedicated to our financial well-being, but is invested in helping us have the quality of life we desire. He got to know us and discussed our goals. He helped in determining the financial plan necessary to help meet those goals. Working with his team, our accountant and lawyer, he has mapped out a strategy to save taxes and aim to maximize our returns while staying within our risk levels.

Having Nathan and his IG team has been one of the best financial decisions we have made. 

Brian and Linda S.


 I am fortunate to have chosen Nathan 25 years ago to be my consultant with IG Wealth Management. I would unequivocally recommend Nathan and his team as your personal financial consultant.

The first time I met Nathan Giesbrecht, I was so impressed with his confidence and his genuine concern for my success in the investment market. A lot has happened during our 25-year relationship. The investment industry is very extensive, dealing with the present circumstances of the day, but also projecting for future retirement and ultimately what you can pass on to members of your family upon your death. Initially, I did not know that Nathan and his team could advise on a plan on all these issues, but I have learned that he can. He works with your accountant and lawyer, when needed, to provide the best results for you. Aside from my personal finances, there was my business that was involved also. Nathan was with us through the selling process of this business and how the funds from it were handled. An absolutely GREAT job was done to maximize the revenue from the sale and minimize the taxes.

When I reflect on my association with Nathan and his team, I am so grateful to see how thoroughly and efficiently my planning has been handled. 

Donald E. G., Retired