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Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

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I would like to thank Nathan and his team for guiding us through the investment planning process. His calm, no pressure, informed meetings gave us the assurance that he had our future interests on the forefront. The nature of Nathan is honesty and integrity and a person who fully puts you at ease when investing, because he will not let you invest until he is satisfied that you fully understand and are comfortable with your investment.

Gary Z.

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Nathan shares the reason why he is a Financial Planner and why he has a passion for assisting individuals and families reach their personal and financial goals.

Differences in Insurance

Mortgage insurance? Individual insurance? What are the differences with different insurance types? Let me explain.

Market Volatility

How does market volatility affect your portfolio? That's a great question! Join Nathan as he explains what impact the market really does have.

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How can I use permanent life insurance as a tax-efficient estate planning tool?

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And are you one of the 32,000 Canadians who’ll have to pay it? Many Canadians haven’t heard of the alternative minimum tax (AMT), which isn’t surprising when you discover that only a small percentage of Canadians typically pay AMT annually. The AMT came into the news recently when the federal government announced significant changes to it in the 2023 budget (which will come into effect in 2024). Let’s take a look at what the alternative minimum tax is, how it works, who it might affect and the impact of those changes.
If you owned a residential property in Canada on December 31, 2022, you might have to pay an Underused Housing Tax (UHT) if it was vacant or underused. Even if you’re not subject to tax, you may be required to file an Underused Housing Tax return to claim an exemption.
According to a recent Stats Canada report, almost 1.4 million Canadian households reported having property rental income. That’s a significant portion of the population.. Given that rents increased on average across Canada by 11% in 2022 (and by considerably more in big cities, such as Toronto and Vancouver), it’s understandable why investing in property is so popular.